This is what African self-determination looks like: the 5th Annual One Africa! One Nation! Uhuru Book Fair & Flea Market

The African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) and Black Star Industries (BSI) sponsored the 5th annual and best ever, One Africa! One Nation! Uhuru Book Fair & Flea Market in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 21st.

This dynamic, free, all-day festival in Clark Park featured over 100 vendors, African authors, musicians, dancers, speakers, free education resources and the Children’s Circle.

Under the slogan, “Putting the power of education in the hands of the African community,” APEDF, BSI and our many partners involved and engaged the whole community of West Philadelphia by demonstrating what the positive future of African self-determination looks like in the real world.

This is the 14th season of monthly One Africa! One Nation! Uhuru Flea Markets in Philly and every year more of our vendors build their own brick and mortar businesses from the ground up because of this market.

Keynote speaker Chairman Omali Yeshitela deepened the unity of the crowd with the analysis of African Internationalism and the war of ideas.

Chairman stated “When you live in a society that is based on slavery, the ideas that are promoted in that society are never ideas about freedom and liberation. They are about the continuation of a social system based on slavery. It is not simply because the slave master or the white people do not like you. It is because it is profitable to maintain the same kind of system.”

Chairman Omali’s latest book Vanguard was written to change the world. After he spoke the people ran to the Buy Black Power booth to purchase Chairman’s books and get them signed.

Other speakers included Janet, Janine, and Eddie Africa, 3 members of the MOVE 9 who were recently released from prison after serving 40-41 years each.

In 1978 the city of Philadelphia attacked the MOVE organization. The police surrounded their house and shot 10,000 rounds into their basement.

They shot so many bullets that one cop shot another in the back of the head. Nine members of MOVE were framed and convicted for a crime that was physically impossible for them to commit.

African authors read from the stage, musicians, poets and dancers expressed appreciation for the work of the Uhuru Movement. And the vendors had a successful day.

The OAON Uhuru Book Fair & Flea Market showed what it looks like when we educate ourselves and our children, build economic development to benefit our community and organize to solve every problem imposed on African people!

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